What it’s all about


I was going through my photos from a recent and impactful trip to Bishop, California when I came across this one. It stood out from the rest – a collection of goofy photos, action shots and short video clips from the ER after my friend dislocated his ankle.

This photo stands out to me because I think I somehow managed to capture the feeling that I get when I go outside with a group of my friends to play on rocks.

This photo is the desert sun warming your face even though your hands are so cold that you can’t tell if you’re yanking on a jug or not.

This photo is the new friends you make instant connections with over a shared passion for small rocks, big pads and good times.

This photo is being fed up with someone after driving 24 hours straight but being psyched that they made the long haul with you.

This photo is proof that it’s always worth it to get out there wherever, whenever and with whoever you can. That’s what it’s all about.

While I didn’t take many photos, I can see myself growing and learning as a climber, photographer and videographer.

Damn, that was a good trip.

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