Mallorie Estenson is a Pacific Northwest based guide and writer. She’s probably skiing at Snoqualmie Pass now.

  • Climb for love

    I felt the need to document the moment so strongly that I couldn’t bring myself to take my phone out for a photo. I know that sounds ridiculous. But I couldn’t put a screen between myself and my surroundings for even a moment to take a lousy iPhone photo. Read more

  • Loss

    It finally happened. I lost my first climbing friend. A little over a year ago, I wrote a piece for a magazine about accidents in the alpine. I asked a few climber friends for sources on the subject, and eventually got directed to a couple of climbers that had a boulder pull on them while… Read more

  • Published

    I’m stoked. Read more

  • How to Bellingham

    Step one: Buy a used Subaru and a Patagonia puffy jacket. These are staples around the City of Subdued Excitement. You will see them everywhere and without them, you’ll be sure to stand out. Even if you never, ever go to the mountains, at least you look like you can hang. Step two: Choose an… Read more

  • What it’s all about

    What it’s all about

    I was going through my photos from a recent and impactful trip to Bishop, California when I came across this one. It stood out from the rest – a collection of goofy photos, action shots and short video clips… Read more

  • Bellingham to Bishop

    Step one: Unrequested week off from work. Step two: Round up some hooligans and pile them into your car. Step three: Hit the road to California. Read more