Mallorie Estenson is a Pacific Northwest based guide and writer. She’s probably skiing at Snoqualmie Pass now.

  • Published: Mount Baker Experience

    Published: Mount Baker Experience

    I conducted an informal survey and discovered that women make up roughly 20 percent of mountain guides for various companies in the Pacific Northwest… Read more

  • My Job

    My Job

    “So you take people hiking?” Yeah, something like that. Read more

  • The Edge

    You know that feeling when you’re standing beneath a climb, when you’re trying to puzzle out the movements, when you start to wonder: Can I actually pull this off? Maybe it’s a project you’ve attempted several times before. Maybe it’s a string of long, strenuous pitches. Maybe it’s at your grade limit. Maybe it’s your… Read more

  • Self Portrait

    I could paint, but the colors would be wrong and the strokes splotchy. I could draw, but my hand is clumsy and my focus is imbalanced. I fixate too closely on small details and often lose sight of the broader picture, which isn’t exclusive to my artistic endeavors. So I write. I trust that I… Read more

  • Lemonade

    If you’re an odd girl like me, be strong. I’d never trade my bold personality to fit the norm. When I encounter odd girls like me, it stokes me out because I know that “well behaved women seldom make history.” Be brave. Go forth. Make history. Make motherfucking lemonade. Read more

  • This Must Be the Place

    This Must Be the Place

    Do me a favor, blast this song while you read this post. I was driving Highway 97 by myself, windows down, some garbage pop song playing loud on the radio and I just knew: I can’t leave Terrebonne. I’d just come down from climbing in the Marsupials — an obscure crag by Smith-classics standards — and… Read more