Mallorie Estenson is a Pacific Northwest based guide and writer. She’s probably skiing at Snoqualmie Pass now.


    I didn’t choose the Croc life, the Croc life chose me. #thecrocisticking Read more

  • AMGA Rock Guide Course

    AMGA Rock Guide Course

    The Rock Guide Course, or RGC, is the entry level course to pursuing any level of certification through the AMGA. Read more

  • The Picket Range

    The Picket Range

    “Because of the rugged terrain, the Picket Range has remained the wildest and most unexplored region in the North Cascades. It is not an area for the wilderness novice; its isolated bushy valleys and jagged ridges are a test for the most seasoned mountaineers. The length of climbs, combined with steep mixed terrain and variable… Read more

  • Welcome to Alaska (aka Crevasse Whip)

    Welcome to Alaska (aka Crevasse Whip)

    The fall stopped just as quickly as it had started and I found myself slumped over, hanging in my harness deep inside a crevasse. I thought to myself: that’s quite the welcome to Alaska. Read more

  • The Birthday Tour: Washington Pass

    The Birthday Tour: Washington Pass

    Hey world, it’s me again. Today, I asked folks on Instagram what they wanted to read in a blog post and the results are suggesting that folks want more trip reports, some climbing stories, a few skiing stories and lots of pretty pictures. My goal here is to write stuff you actually want to read.… Read more

  • Utah: A travel blog about 26 hours of Greyhound hell

    Utah: A travel blog about 26 hours of Greyhound hell

    The Climbing Part After five years of climbing, I finally made it to Indian Creek. The first day, I ran along the base of Supercrack Buttress and put my hand or fingers into every crack within reach. I noticed that as I pulled down, it felt like the sandstone pushed back. Everything felt incredibly climbable.… Read more