Mallorie Estenson is a Pacific Northwest based guide and writer. She’s probably skiing at Snoqualmie Pass now.

  • Infinite Bliss: Not the infinite choss I expected (4 Star)

    Infinite Bliss: Not the infinite choss I expected (4 Star)

    It’s not very often that you get to clip bolts in an alpine setting for 23 consecutive pitches with very few B.S. walking pitches to link up the route. I guess you could say that I consider myself a connoisseur of alpine bolts (or a lazy alpinist.) Read more

  • Mal’s Mountain Yelp Reviews

    Short, sweet, sarcastic little anecdotes about my alpine endeavors. Read more

  • Late Stage Quarantine

    At one point, I discovered that I could crawl out of a window and onto the top of my house. Standing there in a slight breeze, I felt a simulated sense of what it’s like to summit a mountain. Read more

  • A Frozen Moment

    A Frozen Moment

    I tried to place a screw in thick ice covered by a layer of slush. The screw wouldn’t go in. I tried a second screw. And this is how I simultaneously clogged and eliminated two screws from my rack. When I realized that I wasn’t going to get a screw where I wanted one, I… Read more

  • Return to Red Rock Canyon

    Return to Red Rock Canyon

    After my first season of learning how to climb outside, I visited Red Rock Canyon. A couple of friends and I piled into my Dodge Durango and we made the epic voyage south. Here’s a short list of the things that I did wrong on that first trip: zero trip planning, zero climbing with my… Read more

  • Yosemite


    For years, I told myself that I wasn’t going to visit Yosemite until I was a solid 5.11 climber. That was dumb. Read more